The SiS Real Estate Opportunity Fund (the Fund) is a private equity fund which offers accredited investors unique access to attractive real estate opportunities, allowing them to invest opportunistically with smaller denominations.

This represents a refreshing approach, as real estate private equity funds have traditionally drawn on capital from institutions and large private investors to invest in real estate opportunities which individual accredited investors typically do not have access to.

Adopting an opportunistic strategy for the Fund, SiSAM will target distressed or undervalued real estate assets arising from a softening property market and weakening global macroeconomic conditions. The Fund’s target assets would typically include high-end residential and commercial assets in Singapore and other key Asian cities.

The Fund is only for accredited investors.


“Time and tide wait for no man.”

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The Fund will invest in undervalued or distressed real estate assets in the high-end residential and commercial sectors in Singapore and other key Asian cities.

  • Accredited investors which include:
    • An individual with net personal assets exceeding S$2 million or annual income in the preceding 12 months of not less than S$300,000
    • A corporation with net assets exceeding S$10 million
  • Institutional investors

Minimum investment amount of S$200,000.

The Fund is highly opportunistic in nature and will be swiftly activated ONLY when the properties targeted by the Fund reach an attractive price level i.e. distressed or undervalued.

Investors are required to enter into a subscription agreement and place an initial deposit of 20% of committed funds.  The balance 80% of the committed funds will only be called upon subsequently when the Manager decides to activate the Fund.

No management fees will be charged until the balance 80% has been called upon.

Definitely. Investing via a fund structure enables investors to jointly invest in opportunities which may be beyond their individual limits. This is especially relevant to real estate assets which are highly capital intensive. Investing via a fund structure enables investors to enjoy investment exposure without stretching their resources and help them diversify.

Another important benefit is that the fund structure safeguards the interests of every investor through proper fund documentation which clearly stipulates their rights.

An independent fund administrator will be appointed to protect the interests of investors and ensure good governance. There will also be an independent audit conducted annually by a reputable audit firm.

Furthermore, the Manager of the Fund is a Registered Fund Management Company (“RFMC”) regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”). It is required to uphold robust internal controls, compliance and risk management standards.

This is a close-end fund with a term of five years plus two additional one-year extensions.

You will receive updates from us twice a year.

Yes, early investors will enjoy substantially lower base fee rates.


The Manager of the Fund is SiS Asset Management Pte Ltd (“SiSAM”), a subsidiary of SiS International Holdings Limited which is listed on the Mainboard of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Its management team comprises highly experienced professionals with a strong track record in the financial, investment and real estate industries.  See Management Profile.

The SiS Group has invested in various IT-related companies as well as in income-generating properties with long term potential for capital appreciation in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.  In Japan, the Group has invested in nine hotel properties located in major cities, including the iconic skyscraper Rinku Gate Tower Building in Osaka, Japan. See Track Record.

  • We adopt a deep value oriented, robust and forward looking approach towards investing.
  • We believe that we can leverage on our strategic networks, experienced team and in-depth regional knowledge to discover undervalued high quality assets which are mispriced due to market inefficiencies or market turmoils and capitalize on these opportunities. This allows us to constantly unlock potential value – a proven strategy based on the successful investment track record of our parent company.
  • We have a strong passion and commitment to deliver value and growth for our clients.

SiSAM is a Registered Fund Management Company (“RFMC”) regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”).


Selected properties across Asia from SiS Group’s portfolio including SiS Hospitality Holdings Limited’s Portfolio which includes the iconic skyscraper – the Rinku Gate Tower Building in Osaka, Japan (the 2nd tallest building in Japan*)

* at the time of acquisition